How does one demonstrate love for a city? For us, it is by celebrating the design, art, architecture, culture, and artisans of Venice. Bella Figura Publications was created to present Venice as a contemporary living city. Through her 1,500 years of existence Venice has challenged the notion of what a city can be and yet there is no ambiguity about the fierce emotional connection she inspires.

We Dream of Venice

Photography of a foggy Venice in Dream of Venice


The Dream of Venice series of books is an exploration into the unique characteristics of Venice. Each book combines alluring photography with beguiling words to reveal the intimate treasures that visitors seek. Bella Figura Publications works with extraordinary photographers and writers to create a captivating alchemy of words and images. There are many guidebooks with substantial lists of destinations; there are literary efforts with beautiful prose; and there are cumbersome coffee table books that bruise both your thighs and pocketbook. The Dream of Venice series encapsulates the best of each genre, in a distinctive and affordable format.

The writers who contribute their thoughts, the people we profile, the photographers who capture her essence all look beyond an obvious Venice. In a city overrun with 30 million tourists a year, cliché is difficult to avoid. Our goal is to share with you a Venice that would be challenging for the casual visitor to find. Our books will enhance your experience of Venice, they will keep your memories vivid, and your imagination soaring.


JoAnn Locktov Writes About Publishing

Dream of Venice Architecture IPPY

The Independent Publisher recently awarded Dream of Venice Architecture an IPPY award. The organization also asked JoAnn Locktov, the publisher, to pen a feature article for their online publication. In it, she presents her path to and through the intricacies of birthing two books. Here is a small excerpt of the piece, which you can see in full on the Independent Publisher site:

The Accidental Publisher: An IPPY Winner Shares Her Story: “It wasn’t on purpose. My foray into publishing was actually by default. I had already written two books, published in the traditional way. They were the result of an insatiable curiosity. I wanted to buy a book that didn’t yet exist.  In my naïve world, I decided that there must be many people that shared my interest and I managed to convince a publisher of this notion.  Advances, research, manuscripts, and covers chosen, the two books were deemed successful, and I could ride off into the sunset knowing I had contributed to the canon of non-fiction.”


James Swan Interviews JoAnn Locktov

James Swan interviews Bella Figura Publications’ JoAnn Locktov about her path to publishing and her Dream of Venice series: the lively conversation is a must hear!


Fabulous Fabster Interviews JoAnn Locktov

Our publisher JoAnn Locktov was recently interviewed about our latest release, Dream of Venice Architecture, by Christine Chang Hanway, who has tapped her as a Fabulous Faster.  In the interview, Christine writes, “This week my Instagram feed has been awash with exciting, real time images from this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, making it quite timely to tell you about JoAnn Locktov and her Fabster’s journey — one which culminates in her valiant campaign to save Venice, the city she first fell in love with twenty years ago.”

She goes on to say, “Her most recent book, Dream of Venice Architecture is a collaboration with film director and photographer Riccardo De Cal and the sequel to Dream of Venice a collaboration with photographer Charles Christopher. These two books tell the story of Venice as a living city through the words of contemporary writers and architects. ‘The books are a labor of love; they are conceived from a deep desire to inspire relevance to a city that is over 1,500 years old,’ she says. ‘Come and see the Venice of my dreams’.” We’d like to thank Christine, who also contributes to Remodelista and Gardenista, for shining a light on our passion for all things Venetian.

Dream of Venice Philanthropic Efforts

To love a city is to strengthen a city, and each Dream of Venice book will donate a portion of the proceeds to a not-for-profit that is contributing the vitality of Venice.

Dream of VeniceA portion of the proceeds are being donated to Save Venice.

Dream of Venice ArchitectureA portion of the proceeds are being donated to Fondazione Querini Stampalia.

Dream of Venice in Black and White: A portion of the proceeds are being donated to Ikona Gallery.