Dream of Venice in Black & White

The essential spirit of Venice. How do we see it? How do we capture it? What does it look like?  In Dream of Venice in Black & White, our third book in the Dream of Venice series, we will be exploring Venice as a narrative in chiaroscuro. In a city noted for her luminous palette, there is elegant realism in focusing only on shadow and light.  Without the distraction of color, her reality will be exposed.


Dream of Venice in Black & White

In a departure from our first two books, there will be one writer and approximately 40 photographers. We want this book to be a visual legacy of Venice, reflecting the perception of photographers from around the world. We ask that the photographers create images that reveal a city with the audacity to still exist. The photo submission link is below and the deadline is November 30, 2017.


Dream of Venice Black and White Lindsay
Image courtesy Mark Lindsay.


We are honored that Tiziano Scarpa, a Venetian novelist, playwright and poet, will write the Introduction. Venice Is A Fish, a sensual guide is his irreverent and intimate (non-guide) guide to Venice. Many of you will be familiar with his perceptive oft-quoted observation “Getting lost is the only place worth going to.” In 2009 Tiziano won the Strega Prize for his lyrical novel, Stabat Mater. From the time we conceived of this project, Tiziano was our first choice to weave a meditation about the city of his birth.

Dream of Venice in Black & White will be dedicated to Gianni Berengo Gardin. He grew up in Venice and it is where he raised his children. He considers himself to be “a Venetian, both in character and at heart.” In 1960 while taking the vaporetto from the Lido to work in San Marco, he shot one of many iconic portraits of Venice. Berengo Gardin’s photographs both captivating and controversial have become part of our collective conscious. We are indebted to him for his “Venezia e le Grandi Navi” exhibit, which documented the ships as sea monsters, obliterating Venice and her Lagoon.

We are delighted to announce that a portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to Ikona Gallery in Venice. Founded by  Živa Kraus in 1979, the gallery, located in Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, is dedicated to the exhibition of significant contemporary photographers.  Since 1989, Signora Kraus has also been the director of the Ikona Venezia School of International Photography, collaborating with organizations to further the cultural understanding of photography through exhibits and workshops. In 2009, Ikona Gallery celebrated their 30th anniversary with an exhibit of work by Gianni Berengo Gardin, curated by  Živa Kraus.

This, the third in Bella Figura Publication’s Dream of Venice series, will join our original publication Dream of Venice and our most recent book Dream of Venice Architecture, in September 2018. To stay up to date with news, visit the Dream of Venice Facebook page. Mark Lindsay is the photographer of the image featured on this page and on the header of this site.


Dream of Venice in Black & White
Photo Submission Guidelines

We are accepting submissions for the next book in the Dream of Venice series. The book will have black & white images of Venice from approximately 40 photographers.

Each photographer can submit up to 3 photographs. If your photograph is chosen for inclusion in the book, we will request the image in 300 ppi and you will need to sign a Letter of Agreement, granting us permission to include your photograph. The copyright remains always with the photographer. It is ok if the image has been previously published, as long as the photographer retains the rights. There is no monetary payment however each photographer chosen will receive a copy of the book. The submissions are open to photographers living anywhere in the world.

Submission requirements:

Please fill out the form below and submit with up to 3 images in 72 ppi resolution and maximum 2400 pixels in either direction.

Please make sure the file name on each image MATCHES what you put in the form below. BOTH should contain your full name and the corresponding number of the submission 1, 2 or 3. Photos without matching file names will be INELIGIBLE and DELETED.

We encourage the 72 ppi images to be watermarked.

After we review the 72 ppi images, and make our final selection for the book, we will contact you for the 300 ppi version of the photo, which must be available in TIFF or JPG format in RGB.

All submissions were due by November 30, 2017.
We will be in touch by February 2018 if your image has been selected.

Submissions are now closed. Grazie mille.